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About the Horse Heritage Conservancy

The Horse Heritage Conservancy (HHC) was created in 2016 by the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association, a community group of caring individuals who are committed to our equestrian heritage and the rural beauty of San Diego County’s agricultural regions.  HHC is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization operating within the Twin Oaks Valley region of North San Diego County, in beautiful Southern California.

Our History

Welcome letter

What We Do

The HHC is committed to raising awareness, funds and conservation opportunities to help promote the equestrian lifestyle. With our parent organization, TOVEA, HHC hosts a variety of educational events throughout the year with the goal of introducing our communities to the beauty of horses. 


From our Common Ground Clinic, held in the spring at the Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos, to our Horse Heritage Festival/Ride & Stride event, held in the fall of each year to generate funds for the regional trails systems and Walnut Grove Horse Park facilities, the HHC provides opportunities to expose our neighbors to these amazing animals while advocating for a rural community where horses and horse owners can thrive. 


Why We Do It

We love horses, and we are eager to share that love with the community while advocating for the open and recreational space, compatible zoning, and safe infrastructure to make horse keeping a cherished part of our region for generations to come.


The Horse Heritage Conservancy's purpose is threefold:

  1. Equine education and advocacy

  2. Development and maintenance of the local Walnut Grove Horse Park and surrounding trail systems

  3. Development of community partnerships


How You Can Help

Whether you’re a horse enthusiast, or simply enjoy living in a community filled with open spaces and pastures, we need your help!  Through your donations and time we can make great things happen in Twin Oaks Valley and the rural regions of San Diego County to help preserve these valuable resources.



HHC Board of Directors

Board President

Patty Morton

Patty Morton is a resident of the Twin Oaks Valley, a ranch owner and respected horse trainer within the community, and she has served as the Board President for the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association since 2010.

Board Member

Sandi Johnson

Board Treasurer

Lynne Malinowski

Lynne is an avid horse person who brings decades of financial management skills to the organization.  Lynne has also served on the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association as treasurer since 2011.

Board Member

Kristi Dean

Board Secretary

Dawn Haake

Dawn is the Vice President of Quality Assurance for a local medical device company, a resident of the Twin Oaks Valley area and has served on the TOVEA board as Secretary since 2015.

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