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In addition to supporting our mission to further enhance and protect the local equestrian and rural lifestyle, here are five great reasons to join TOVEA as a member

  1. Strength in numbers. Equestrian and rural issues are important - and size matters when dealing with government. TOVEA represents our interests with developers as well as being a visible force at the City, County and State levels.

  2. Shape your city. We are actively involved with assisting in the planning process for the City and County trails program.

  3. Produce family-friendly events. We sponsor family friendly events to aid in the renovation, maintenance and preservation of Walnut Grove Horse Park and the surrounding trails.

  4. Networking. These events entertain and educate our community, and network with local establishments, clubs and organizations to build a more strong community for the mutual benefit of business and rural interest.

  5. Emergency preparedness. We advocate, network, and outreach to assist in evacuation plans and logistics.

We are always looking for more helping hands to keep moving forward. Please consider becoming a member and/or volunteering.



We're a volunteer driven organization, and we love all our volunteers!  

  • Join the TOVEA board!

  • We welcome you to join us at our monthly meetings to learn how you can help out.

  • We hold a number of events each year, and they take a lot of work to pull together - can you lend a hand?

  • We also love to bring new perspectives and talent onto our boards, which renew yearly. Join the HHC board!

> Contact us if you can help out in any of these ways.


Lifetime Members

Ruth Anderson, Terri & John Antman, Eric Antman, Art2Ride Karen Loshbaugh, Sarah Baldwin, Lance Bennett, BizSoup Talk Radio-John DeBevoise, Robin Bond, Rita Brandin, Michael Bustillos, Gabriel Castano, Jody Childs, Denise Cintas, Emily Craft, Gary Cranney DVM, Clarissa Czuprynski, Kristi Dean, Carol & Barry Dzindzio, Greg & Betty Evans, Fallbrook Pony Club, Kristy Fowler, Meghan Fowler, The Gittings Family, Lisa Grim DVM, Dawn Haake, Michelle & Tim Hackbardt, Cherie Lankford, Lynne Malinowski, Lori Hall-McNary, Barbara Johnson, Tonya Jones, Olivia Loiacono, Dick Martin, Hanna Mauritzson, Paul McClellan DVM, Liz Hopps McConnell, Patty Morton, Bill Norwood, The Ortega Family, Mo Parga, The Parillo Family, Michelle Parker, Lou Roper, Pat Rowe, Carol Shuttleworth, Anne Speck, Gale & Julian Stienon, Viki Strand, Inge & Michael Taylor, Angie Taylor, TERI, Inc., Chad Waldhauser, Kim West.

TOVEA Board of Directors

Board President

Patty Morton

Patty Morton is a resident of the Twin Oaks Valley, a ranch owner and respected horse trainer within the community, and she has served as the Board President for the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association since 2010.

Board Member

Lori Hall-McNary

Board Treasurer

Lynne Malinowski

Lynne is an avid horse person who brings decades of financial management skills to the organization.  Lynne has also served on the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association as treasurer since 2011.

Board Secretary

Dawn Haake

Dawn is the Vice President of Quality Assurance for a local medical device company, a resident of the Twin Oaks Valley area and has served on the TOVEA board as Secretary since 2015.

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