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History of HHC & TOVEA

Our Start

In 2005, residents and community members within the Twin Oaks Valley region of San Marcos, California formed an organization to speak for the equestrian community in order to preserve an area that is predominantly rural and equestrian, and to help sustain the region’s budding trails system and small but valued public horse arena. Due to the limited resources the City of San Marcos had available to support and maintain these venues, the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association (TOVEA) organized to represent those that used these facilities and wanted to see them remain and thrive within the community.


Over the last 16 years, TOVEA has partnered with the City of San Marcos, the San Marcos Historical Society, The Friends of the San Marcos Parks & Recreation, the local Future Farmers of America, the Eagle Scouts, the San Diego Humane Society and many other groups and organizations to:

  • raise funds for the San Marcos parks and trails systems

  • help sponsor maintenance and development projects throughout the San Marcos trails systems and equestrian facilities

  • bring educational opportunities to the Twin Oaks equestrian community

  • drive cross-organizational awareness to the needs of the parks and trails systems within San Marcos and San Diego County.


Our Mission

To serve as an advocate for horses and the Equestrian and Rural lifestyles in the Twin Oaks Valley and surrounding communities.


To help further this mission, the 2015 board members of the TOVEA organization voted to evolve the organization’s fund-raising efforts through the creation of a non-profit organization, the Horse Heritage Conservancy (HHC), that would allow this important work to continue on a broader scope and would further the organization’s community outreach and development efforts.


HHC was granted IRS 501(c)(3) status in 2017.

The Horse Heritage Conservancy’s purpose is threefold:

  1. Equine education and advocacy as well as development of community partnerships

  2. Development and maintenance of the local Walnut Grove Horse Park and surrounding trails systems

  3. Equine emergency response and horse rescue


Our Impact 

TOVEA and HHC continue to accomplish their purpose via involvement in the following events and achievements:

  • Over 10 years of Ride & Stride and Horse Heritage Festival events, bringing awareness to the trails and the horse park

  • Nearly 10 years of Common Ground Clinics, bringing world class trainers to provide low cost educational opportunities in varieties of riding disciplines

  • City of San Marcos dedication of Day of the Horse, an annually recognized day for horses in the community

  • Involvement in creation of the Twin Oaks Valley Community Trails and Pathways Plan

  • Involvement in updating the San Diego County Master Trails Plan

  • Involvement in the creation of the San Diego County Equine Ordinance

  • Assistance for fire evacuation at Walnut Grove Horse Park during past large fires

  • Involvement with the City of San Marcos for Trails Etiquette guidelines and signage 


The impact and benefit of HHC and TOVEA fundraising is directly visible in the improvements at Walnut Grove Horse Park. Since founded, TOVEA and HHC have raised over $96,000 and spent $67,000 to date on the following improvements:

  • Bleachers

  • Horse Corrals

  • Arena footing replacement, replenishment, and maintenance

  • Judges Building

  • Sound System

  • Mats to prevent slippage on trails

  • Trail drainage improvements

  • Replacement of both large and small arena fencing.

These efforts help make sure that Walnut Grove Horse Park is safe for both horse and rider, and has the necessary infrastructure to support the equestrian events held there.


With the help of our volunteers, community organization partners and associates, sponsors, businesses, and local government, we look forward to our ability to continue to achieve our purposes and provide enjoyment and recreation through our involvement with horses and fellow equestrians.

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